5th IVF Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Adding Lovenox

After a canceled cycle in December 2020, we finally made it to our January 30th, 2021 transfer day! The transfer process is fairly easy and happens within about 90 minutes of checking in and the procedure itself takes like 10 minutes. About 30 minutes prior to the transfer they give you a valium to help relax your body and mind overall to help make the transfer easier. The Doctor uses a super thin catheter that has the embryos and inserts it into the cervix and right into the warm house of the uterus. In my experience, you can barely feel a thing and it happens very quickly. One the embryos are placed; the embryologist checks the catheter to make sure the embryos didn’t stick and are where they should be!

We transferred 2 embryos, grade 4aa, a boy and a girl. We knew the gender due to preimplantation genetic testing aka PGS testing to ensure that the embryos are chromosomally normal. We have never had perfect embryos before as the grade 4aa are pretty much the cream of the crop and what we all wish for. We decided to transfer 2 due to my history and because we were actually ok with having twins if that were to happen. The Doctor actually made the recommendation initially and I was for it, then not, and then finally made the decision to just go for it. So, we did, 2 perfect embies put in.

One big thing that we are doing differently this transfer is adding a medication called Lovenox. Lovenox aka Clexane is a blood thinner that can help prevent blood clotting in the growing placenta and uterus. Due to my history of recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) and low positive results for anticardiolipin IGM (a marker for blood clotting disorder), I knew that we had to see if this could also work for me. I have heard so many stories of RPL, even from women with no positive results on a blood clotting panel, and it has shown for both groups to help a woman be able to have a successful pregnancy.

After the transfer we were scheduled to do our first HCG beta test on 1-8-21. Now as most of us IVFers do not wait for the beta day, we test obsessively starting as soon as we think there is an inkling there could be a very faint line! The kind of line where you have to put the test under blasting bright light and twist and turn the pregnancy test to where it hits just in the right way to see it coming through!

And so I did, I tested on 4 days past transfer, find out what the result was by subscribing to IVF Baby Hope You Tube. Click Here